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Due to a couple of questions on the Tower Talk reflector I decided to add some photos here of my homemade wire / radial plow and automated wire dispenser.

This is not an off the shelf item, although given the amount of guys

who would use one of these things it might be a viable tool to produce.


The plow itself is a single plow / cultivator that was surplus and left over from a farm implement.

I mounted it to the 1.5 inch square steel bar and fabricated the rest of the parts out of

available steel stock.  Acouple of three point hitch pins an we were in business.

In the picture at the top there is a wire dispenser.  This holds a reel of

any reasonable size wire.  The wire is fed down through a tube welded to the plow

and is trailed out behind the plow as you pull it.

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