Never Forget !!




Well, it sure has been long enough before I got around to publishing these photos.  Unfortunately most of the photos are not very good.  I had brought a new camera to the affair and I had not used it at all before the event and the photos show that.  I have since mastered the damn thing but for our 2005 gathering it was too little too late.  In any event these will give you  a flavor for the highly religious prayer meetings we had in De Tour Village.  Enjoy !


The whole gang (small crew this year)                                                            What's in that sandwich Benny ?

Well it's like this Billy, I swallowed accidentally..........                    Hey Kentucky, you got more than me !

Him, Him, _ _ _ _ HIM !                                                                    Awwww, how cute.....

Him, Him _ _ _ _ HIM ! (reprise)                                                    Yeh Bill, it was an accident......

Jimmy would be proud.                                                                        Come on baby light my fire.....

Well, I had an ultrasound and they said it was a boy !                            Shit, I can't figger this out....

Hmmmmmm, Zak is lookin really good tonight !!!                                Shine on -- Shine on harvest moon, up in the sky !! I ain't had

                                                                                                    no lovin since January, February, June or July !!!

Hmmmm, Jack is lookin really good tonight !!!                                    I won't do it again God, I promise !

Hmmmmm, Zak is lookin spetacular tonight !!!                                        Where is da river ???

Serenity !                                                                                            Pink ball, corner pocket !

Hmmmmmm, Benny is lookin mighty fine tonight !!!                                    Bob over and bite me !

Marv sunk the 8 ball instead !!!                                                            It's close....

What can I say !  Self explanatory......                                            Shoes are us !

You did what !!!!!                                                                            This is for my father-in-law !

Fitty cents !!                                                                                    Pay attention Marv !!

Birds eye view ...                                                                             Zak told me it was an accident !

Memories are made of this..                                                            Come out and join me boys !