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Welcome to my Amateur Radio Page.  I have been a licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1957.   I spent the early part of my amateur career in the suburbs of Detroit.  I moved to Rochester NY in 1990 where I worked for the Xerox Corporation as a Systems Engineer.  I moved to Colorado in September of 2001 after retiring from Xerox.

I hold 5BDXCC,  Honor Roll and a couple of zones short of 5BWAZ with all current countries worked and  1 to be confirmed.

I am very interested in contesting and my favorites are CQ160, ARRL 160, ARRL Sweepstakes and CQWWCW and finally the Stu Perry Top Band Distance Challenge.  I think contesting is a facet of this hobby that is very challenging and enjoyable.  In addition I thoroughly enjoy chasing DX.

My home station consists of : Panerai Replica


    5 element HyGain Yagi @ 80 feet.

    600' NE Beverage Antenna

    600' S Beverage Antenna

    600' N Beverage Antenna

    600' NW Beverage Antenna

    600' SE Beverage Antenna

    600' E & W Beverage Antennas

     17, 30 & 40 meter verticals

    160 meter Inverted V with apex at 80'

    160 meter Inverted L with top section at 50' 

    90' 160/80 meter vertical

    40 meter 1/2 wave slopers in West and East  orientation.

    80 meter Inverted V with apex at 80'

    2 element 40 meter yagi presently serving duty
    as eye candy on the ground.


                   Elecraft K2

                   Icom 7800

                   Alpha 87A amplifier

                   Various keyers, PC's, audio equip and monitors.