Never Forget !!




Ok, here we go with the third installment to the garage construction.  CC was quite a trooper as she hates heights and had a lot of slivers in her , well you know where........

Anyway, after carrying 60  4X8 sheets of 1/2 plywood 12 feet up an aluminum ladder we have the roof sheeted.


This photo shows how we were creeping up on the finish of the sheeting.

This is a photo of the completed roof looking to the North.

This one is looking to the South.

Triumph ! ! ! !  (I tried to get CC up here but she demurred)

Next, we traveled to Pueblo on Mother's day to pick up the steel roofing materials.  I tried to plan ahead and screwed 4 ten foot 2X4's to the bed of my 11 foot flatbed trailer.  The roof panels are 17 feet long and there are 34 of them.  Needless to say, HEAVY!  Anyway, because the trailer had way too much weight in the rear, we drove 76 miles from Pueblo, up the mountains at 35 MPH the entire way I am sure you can see why.