Never Forget !!




Ok, we have rounded the corner it seems and I can now see the end in site.  The roof was a big project.  I also have to hand it to Colleen, she is scared shitless about heights but she hung out and helped me on the roof.  Of course she is still up there because she is afraid to climb back down so I feed her a couple of times a day.

Ok, here is the roof after it was sheeted.  Colleen and I put up the felt.  Each roll was only 58 foot long but weighed about 60 pounds a roll.  Hard to carry up the damn ladder.  At this time I had not sheeted the front or rear gables yet.

We started putting the steel up on the north face.  Each sheet is 17' long by 4' wide and takes  68 screws per sheet.  Also, the wind is always blowing which makes it hard to get up on the roof and put it down.

This photo was taken because I was happy we got one side done without falling off the roof.

This is half way up the south side we are now 75% done.  Each photo shows the two ladders spaced apart.  There were two reasons for this.  First, inevitably one of the ladders would fall over.  If your both on the roof..........  Secondly, this is the only way we could get 17' up to the roof.

More of the same.

Finally! Also, notice the windows and entrance door have been installed !

This is after I sheeted the front and rear gable ends.  In addition, I have trimmed out the garage door openings with 2 X 8 lumber in preparation for the garage doors.  How do you like those fancy cantilevered corners?

Another view.

The north side of the building.

This is a wood pile waiting to be split... (I know, nothing to do with the garage but what the hell, its my web page.)

This is a small barn up on the hill.  It houses my 1949 Ford tractor. ( I know, nothing to do with the garage..... :-)