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I have put together a short description and list in order to help you understand the current status of DXCC card checking.  Hopefully this will answer many of your questions.  Please feel free to contact me via email at k8fc@arrl.net if you have further questions. 

/ joe k8fc


Entities Eligible For Field Card Checking

All CURRENT entities on the DXCC list are eligible for card checking.  Deleted entities are NOT eligible and must be sent to ARRL. (In a separate submission apart from any field checking submission)  Also ineligible are 160 meter contacts.

Cards not eligible for field checking must be sent to ARRL and cannot be sent along with an application checked by me.  The applicant can opt to send the entire submission to ARRL if they wish.  Also, ineligible cards, if sent to ARRL, are NOT considered part of the field checked application.  They are considered a separate submission.

During checking, if a card appears altered I will have to reject it.  You can challenge my decision to the DXCC desk.  I will not enter into a dispute over the validity of any card with the applicant.  I am not the responsible party for determining the validity of any particular DX operation, only the fact that the card contains all the necessary information, as asked for on the most current DXCC application and that the card has not been altered.

Who May Use The Field Checking Program?

Anyone may have cards field checked. (except for applicants previously disqualified)    After the first 120 QSO's (not cards) a $0.15 per QSO fee is charged. Please see AWARD FEES.  I will collect these fees by check or money order and will forward them to the ARRL with the application.  DXCC rule 15 covers fees in detail.  All US and US possession applicants are required to be members of the ARRL.  Please let me know if you are not a current League Member.

Which DXCC awards are included?

I can check cards for the all DXCC awards and endorsements noted on the application form longines replica.

They include:

  1.   Mixed    Phone    CW    RTTY    Satellite VUCC

  2. 80 Meters    40 Meters    30 Meters    20 Meters

  3. 17 Meters    15 Meters     10 Meters     6 Meters

  4. 2 Meters

  5. 5 Band DXCC Endorsements.     

Important note:  160 meter cards may NOT be checked and Deleted entities are not eligible for field checking.

All contacts must have been made from the same DXCC entity. Several prefixes such as KH6, KH2, KP2, KP4, KL7, and a host of others are separate DXCC entities.  Entities confirmed from one of these are not acceptable for a DXCC application in the 48 contiguous states.  At the same time, an application from a KH6 for example,best panerai replica cannot include cards for contacts made from the mainland, KH2, or KH7.  With the mobility of this country?s residents, and a current trend toward obtaining or keeping a call sign from out of the contiguous 48 as a ?vanity call,? it is important to know the difference.

The Process

You as the applicant are responsible for your cards at all times.  I will handle your cards by mail, but all expenses and risks are your responsibility.  In addition, the ARRL is not responsible for the cards I handle and will not honor any claims as such. UPS, registered mail and some others provide for claims for items lost in the mail.

As an applicant, you should deliver to me:

1.       A completed application (PDF), plus DXCC record sheets (PDF) record sheets (text based).   

2.    The actual QSL cards for each entity claimed. The cards must be in the same order as listed on the form.  The required order is by band first, then by mode.  Cards must not be arranged alphabetically.  Again,  applicants are required to list cards first by band then by mode.  Cards with multiple QSO?s must be together in a group of their own, either at the beginning or the end.  Please do not sort cards alphabetically.  

3.     A check or money order as dictated by the fee schedule (located later in this document) made out to ARRL.

4.     A business-sized stamped envelope addressed to ARRL (DXCC DESK ARRL HQ, 225 Main Street , Newington CT 06111, USA ) needs to be provided for me to forward your application to ARRL.   I am responsible for sending the checked application to ARRL.

I am required to forward your application to the ARRL within 48 hours or 2 working days, after a valid card checking event. It is recommended that you as an applicant keep a copy of all documents.  I will also keep a copy of the application for my records.

Last but not least, please make sure that the handwritten forms are legible.  I will help you if the application needs to be done over again.

All US applicants are required to be members of the ARRL. 

I look forward to helping you all out, and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or to set up an appointment.  

Thanks and good DX,

Joe Wilkowski K8FC